Riding the Yosemite Area Regional Transit System (YARTS)


When you ride YARTS, getting to Yosemite is stress free! Below are some of the travel connections that will help you reach YARTS car free.


Ride the Amtrak San Joaquin Line into Merced from the North or South to connect with YARTS service leaving from the station 4 times daily and returning 5 times daily. The San Joaquin Line connects with the San Francisco Bay Area (international airports: SFO and Oakland) and Sacramento (Sacramento International Airport).


Greyhound buses reach Merced from San Francisco, Stockton, and Madera 4 or more times daily, and YARTS picks you up at the station 4 times daily.

Boutique Air/Merced Regional Airport

Daily flights to and from Merced. Three YARTS trips leave daily from Macready Airfield and 5 return upon request.